AOK Messenger

Concept Project, Founder | 2013

AOK Messenger was a concept project to provide an SMS auto-responder and status update broadcast to social media during a crisis.

The idea was born from watching the Boston Marathon bombing news, like the 9/11 attacks while I was active duty at the US Naval Academy. I immediately began to worry about friends & family in the area.

My goal was to allow users in an emergency to quickly post a status to reassure family and friends. Instead of a busy tone which cultivates anxiety, this system could auto-respond an AOK in less network traffic.

MVP Mini-Map

The app concept was simple - provide a customizable status message that can be posted to all social media integrations & enable SMS auto-respond to reassure friends & family in case of emergency.

MVP mini-map
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Key Moments

An important goal for the app was to convey a sense of psychological security for the user through key interactions. One concept I sketched for this was to use a check-mark slider system to enable to app capabilities when you want to let the world know you are AOK.

These representations were compiled into a clickable prototype for user feedback.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

I continued to refine the app concept and core feature-set based on user feedback and testing. I started experimenting with quick interaction models for status duration.

Facebook Safety Check

While revising designs and exploring workarounds for iOS limitations, Facebook launched an emergency check-in capability, Facebook Safety Check. While it doesn't resolve concerns around limited connectivity during the crisis, I elected not to proceed with app development.